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When it comes to dressing my clients, I adhere to one simple rule; my client must feel comfortable and look FANTASTIC. I am adamant in the belief that wearing the right clothing can make you feel happier and give you a major boost to your confidence.

For me, putting together the right ensemble calls for more than great taste. I make it my mission to look for the possibilities in clothing. I like to think of myself as a style innovator who strives to bring out the best in my clients with the clothes that I choose. After all, fashion is about celebrating! Sometimes you have to go for the “wow” factor with risky silhouettes and bold accessories.

In recent years, the boundaries of high fashion have changed; some garments that used to be reserved for night are now appearing during the day. For me dressing up can be a lot like a new romance- sometimes you have to take a chance and dare to try something different.

Allow me to be your style matchmaker.