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When the job calls for impeccable taste with a keen eye for classic detail, wardrobe stylist and fashion show coordinator Laton Chairs is at the forefront of names to call. Her astute ability to stay on top of the shifts in the ever-changing world of fashion, while side-stepping fly-by-night fads, keep Laton in demand in the studios of fashion photographers, as well as on the sets of a wide range of television shows.

Laton, embarked on her fashion-inspired journey as a young girl growing up in Southern Illinois. It was during her early years that she found herself captivated by the images that leap from the pages of many of the world’s leading style publications. By the time she entered high school, she was bringing her interpretation of those looks to life by dressing not only herself, but models and mannequins for local fashion shows and high-end department stores in St. Louis, Missouri.

In fall 1988, Laton enrolled at the University of Illinois where she earned a degree in Mass Communications in 1992. While there, she landed a position teaching runway technique at the John Casablanca Modeling School. Following a successful stint there, it wasn’t long before she founded her own modeling agency – Spellbound Models. By way of Laton’s introduction to the modeling industry, a number of Spellbound Models went on to ink lucrative contracts and garner national exposure.

Since that time, Laton has traveled abroad developing an even greater appreciation for the fashion of various cultures. She has produced and choreographed fashion shows nationally and has been featured on KMOV (channel 4), KSDK (channel 5) and KTVI (channel 2) – all in St. Louis, MO. In addition, she was recognized as a ‘RISING STAR’ IN THE St. Louis Post Dispatch. For a while, Laton also penned a weekly newspaper column entitled, How to look your best.

With all of these achievements under her stylish belt, Laton has found time to work with student designers from Washington University School of Fashion Design and with Hollywood costume designer, Kevin Mayes. Her ever-evolving career in fashion has led her to wardrobe styling for clients such as Emmy winning national anchor woman & reporter Allison Payne, Debbie Turner (Miss. America 1990/ currently CBS Morning News Correspondent), Helen Bailey (host of Urban Livin’ on Bet-J television), Israel Idonije (Chicago Bears football player), Harry Lennix (TV Actor-Producer), Itika Idowine (Chicago television correspondent), Honorable Laninya Cason ( St. Clair County Associate Judge), Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan: Miss Illinois Teen 2012, Alex Plotz:Miss. Illinois Teen USA 2009 & Miss Illinois 2013. Stacie Juris, among many others. Her styling credits also include work with corporate clients, Mercedez Benz, Sebastian International, Montaldo’s, Famous Barr (currently Macy’s), Helen Wolf, Stixx Barr & Fuller, and the St. Louis Fashion Board.

In summing up her philosophy as it pertains to her work. Laton states that she does not simply dress the person… She dresses their personality. Because of her tireless dedication to selecting just the right garments for her clients, as well as the upbeat energy she brings to each job, its little wonder that Laton Chairs continues to thrive in the exciting fashion industry.