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If you want your look to be impeccable – then you must call stylist Laton Chairs. She dresses her clients from her heart and is passionate about fashion. The result is that you will love the way you look and you will love Laton, just as I do! – News Anchor Allison Payne –

Without rethinking, I became fond of how Laton created my look. I could not imagine anyone else styling me. She is always sure about her work… I just love the results. She is so innovative and inspirational. - Helen Bailey – TV personality

I can say that Laton, changed my whole style when it comes to dressing. She gave me one on one attention. I was afraid at first, but I am happy that she helped me find the new me. – Judge Laninya Cason

She is a artist she made me feel like a movie star…She is simple the best – Lewis Davison

She truly sets the precedent for all her clients. So, if you want to feel like a star, dress like a star, or play where the stars play… prepare yourself for the Laton experience. – Jason Bolden

She instantly revitalizes and brightens my wardrobe… – Erica Young

I now learn how to go with the flow; she made me feel like a movie star – Becky Townsend

Fashion does not have to hurt, I have learn that there is something for every woman even if you are not a size 2-6. Thanks Laton- I now feel sexier than ever. – Monica Bates

A fashion stylist that was born to dress the human body – Dr. Michael Vangard

It pays to be a social fashionista; it was a rewarding experience to hire my own personal stylist – Sable Watts

I have never felt this way before. Thanks for giving me my confident with dressing so beautiful – Jenifer Dallas

She redefine my look and told me clothes will love you back when it is done right. – Joan Johnson

Laton made me feel like a heroic and so glamorous – Susan Phillips

I love the way she mixed some old with some new, I felt like a sensational model – Julie Bird

She dresses you like a pro, but it feels natural. It was fun and challenging to choose clothes recommend for me. – Dr. Diana Shaw

You have to take the time to identify your figure. She taught me that fashion is for every one silhouette. – Clara Klein